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The derivatives market is the financial market for trading derivatives. The main purpose of derivatives is to get leverage. They can be used for hedging, risk-managing, arbitraging and speculating.

FinPricing offers probably the most comprehensive coverage of derivative products: from Vanilla to very exotics. Check derivative product brochure here. Users can access our valuation services via Excel add-ins or analytic API (contact us).

Our solution covers a broad spectrum of cross-asset instruments for both buy-side and sell-side users in the following asset classes: fixed income, cash and money market, interest rate, equity, FX, and credit.

As the market keeps evolving, we are continuing to work on expanding our product range and footprint.

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The following links give you knowledge on the most heavily traded securities and derivatives in the market.

FinPricing products
  • Credit Default Swap (CDS)
  • Credit Default Swap Indexes (CDX)