FinPricing is a comprehensive derivatives trading and risk management solution. To access the full services, you need to download and install the thin client (GUI) below.

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After clicking the download button and following the on-screen instruction, you will see a login and signup screen poping up, indicating the application was successfully installed.

Download and installation instruction

This thin client is just a visual user interface: simply a display. All the business logics are performed on the remote server. The GUI only consumes very limited resources of your local CPU and memory, and no local storage.

Unlike other systems in the market that usually take months or years to set up, FinPricing allows users to access complex financial services right away after a simple downloading and installation.

The spreadsheet-like GUI allows users to exchange data between FinPricing and Excel easily.

The video above walks you through the steps of downloading and installing the FinPricing client. The installation process is very straightforward.